Germany UC Merced Hmong comedian Tou Xiong

The final show in the Hmong culture at UC Merced. Very long show, but this guy is funny and really worth the wait. With UC Merced Hmong Student Association / Association for a major cultural event. The performance was recorded on a camera phone.

Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover

Everything flows with "Under the Bridge", originally by Red Hot Chili Peppers. His kick @ $ $. So there is other stuff. So … here goes.

Tearing Down Walls – Hmong New Year 2009

Minnesota Hmong New Year in 2009 and went to ask many people about their religious beliefs and their understanding of inquiry. Thanks to all those we interviewed.

MN 2010 New Year Niam Leej Ntxhais Chinese clothes

Mommies dance at the Hmong New Year

nkauj hmoob Wisconsin

Asian Hmong dances first Memorial Festival Area hmoob nkauj USA 2 Space nkauj hnub qub hmoob third area we ntxhais Laim

Drop Your Guns (tomb and Mic) The [positive Hmong Rap] Heroz / theheroz ******** Please support our music !!!!!: HERO PRODUCTION theheroz you can download this song by Jay are on the microphone. the struggle continues …

Rice Field – by

Rev. Nao rice to support the Hmong students to "Come and live in the city, continue their education in Thailand.

Fresno Dance Competition 2009 (Team 5)

Fresno Hmong New Year 2009 Finale dance competition. The team was named # 5 Nkauj hmoob Yaj Yuam. They tied for 2nd place with Team # 4 (Ntxhais Paj Ntaub). Congratulations!

Chat Session Finalist 2010 – Cody Lee

Cody Lee, one of the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent In Session: Singer / Songwriter finalist for the year 2010, with an original song. We apologize for the noise and motion video back ground.

Xab Thoj – "Os Lawver Lawver [Hmong Assembly]

This song really inspired me to create a collection of videos and photos of the Hmong. All media online, I have a photo or video in this montage. Remember that no matter what separated us, we will be in a beautiful world, and then connect to live together again. If not today, then let it be tomorrow or in the near future. Have faith and have fun!