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The Theater

Winner of Best Film and Best Cinematography for the 2008 Horror Film Festival at the Art Institute of Dallas. Genre: Ghost

Tuag Vim Siab Coob (My Ex) 4/8

Attention this movie is Rated R, Blood and Sexually Content. Welcome to YaNruabNtug Channel Tuam Txhab Txhais Lus ntawm: YKM Hmong/Laos Entertainment You are watching the Thai Horror 2009-2010 Thai Title: Faen Gao Also known as: My Ex Genre: Drama/Romance/Horror Language: Hmong Copyright: 2009 Cast: Chakrit Yamnam Wanida Termthanaporn Nawadee Mokkhawes Atthama Chiwanitchaphan Plot: Ken (Chakrit) is a heartthrob actor who has a bad boy reputation of loving beautiful girls and dumping them when he finds a new girl. His complicated relationship always leads to many gossips. When Ken’s wedding is announced, the public curiously take more focus on him and his life never be the same again. Soon, Ken is convinced that he is threatened by his fan club and paparazzi. But when the threats getting more deadly, Ken begins to realize that an envious ghost of one of his ex-girlfriend never wants to let him go.

Hmong Unchained Melody Remix

with beats remix of "Ghost"

MHS Assigning a live ball final

production with a friend using Wichai and Stephen Carlos, David S, Thao, Bria, v David, Adriana, Spencer, Jacob, … with the last film for theater class, Chris, MHS class of the final draft stage

A Chinese Ghost Story Ep 24 Part 1 / 6

A Chinese Ghost Story Ep 24 Part 1 / 6

Scary Story

A Movie by ADC Film production And Wizardz Presentation.

A Chinese Ghost Story Ep 22 allotment 4/6

A Chinese Ghost Story Ep 22 part 4/6

Scary Hmong Ghost “The Unkown”2

part two of my ghost video. This part should give you all a scare. Let me know what you guys think.

DAB neeg Hmong look fab adventure nuv

Hmong Ghost Story