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Hmong christian funeral

pictures of grandpa’s funeral

hmong movie( No Ti Txha) (2010) absolution at laborday2010


Hmong New Films (Spawn of the Dead Trailer) Director: Lucky Cha

A low-budget web series short. Synopsis: The U.S. government has decided to make changes and the elimination of 3 / 4 of population change, using dangerous chemicals, re-animation and media on society and turn the U.S. into a utopia. Who ever witnessing the beginning of these changes in a hell of a time. Please register, vote, and Cha friend to follow the images on the spawn of zombies. Cha pictures

Isis Tso Tau – Boys songs F2G

"Tso Tau Isis F2G Boys songs. The images I used Hmong were found on the net. This is Hpop!

Vietnam protests flare Mining – 12 December 9

A massive mining project in central Vietnam is one of the largest civil protest movements, the country has ever created. national media report on the bauxite mine project, which critics say threatens serious damage to the environment may not, for little economic benefit. But Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive pictures from the site, and talked, some of Individuals with regard to its development. Al Jazeera report that Vietnam's Central Highlands.

Hmong soirée picnic

que de joies nrog nej

Zos 52, Laos 52 Hmong New Year 2010

Here is the very first (1st) day before we wear hmong outfits to the 2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th times. There is not alot of people because we went to the new year very early at 10am… so Hmong people haven’t there yet. This is the first day the new year open.. so not alot of people come because the stores and the stage haven’t fully setup yet until the 2 and 3th day when they finished it. Enjoy the slideshow pictures video!!! Edited by Rosalinda Vue Hmong Laos 2010

Hmong Sad Love Story – Create a Poster by Ma Ly

Short step by step. I took some pictures but didn’t plan to edit this “tutorial”, so a couple of steps are missing, sorry… Thank you for watching! To see the finished poster, visit my website

Boy’z in the Hood

i made this.. i used Paint for the pictures and Windows Movie Maker haha..

JohnnySVang JDM Honda ITR Replica

couple pictures of me and my cousin sou JDM ITR and some race videos of me at racelegal, san diego, ca.