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kou yang arena the qeej

my dad plays qeej song on hulusi

just enjoy.. hope u learn sumthing

Qeej the tshuab ntawm hmoob KPNP 1600 AM

Welcome visitors! Have fun playing with these Hmong flute DJ AM KPNP 1600

贵州 贞丰 苗族 风 情节 Haiv Miao / Hmoob nyoba Rau Suave TEB 5.1

贵州 贞丰 苗族 风 情节

Bai Miao Ge "喊 月亮"

苗族 原 生态 歌曲 – "喊 月亮" Ntxhais Hu Nkauj hmoob Suave In ancient times, traditionally, the Miao (Hmong) people all wearing white clothes were far from his base of hemp. In some Miao groups today, the death of white canvas to be dressed journey back to ancestral land. All groups skirt Miao. Many Hmong elders, especially women, said the rock is the Hmong. Hmong women are highly qualified to make hemp weaving, batik, dyeing andTextiles. Their wonderful skill and models that are embedded in the history of clothes and skills acquired from the old days. The clothing of the Hmong women representing various branches of the Hmong. – The Hmong may be a matriarchy in the past did.

3 means Qeej

We dedicate this to …. Enjoy the old video … Hmong pride! RESPECT !!!!!!!! Eventually it was for fun, everyone likes it. xD

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Hmoob Peev Txheej – Qeej Tuaj Taw

Hmong nyob Weishan, Yunnan (Paj Tawj Lag)

苗家女:说唱芦笙Hmoob Qeej



This was a video I did for my wife’s college presentation. It starts off with the origins of the Hmong people in Southern China, then the forced migration into Laos and Vietnam, causing them to split into different tribal areas. The bright spots of Hmong population get smaller, showing the declining number of Hmong at the hands of disease and communist oppression. Finally, images of a Hmong refugee camp in Thailand show the sadness of losing ones home and being boxed in another. Created in 3ds Max 7 using planes as geometry and animated lights. The song is off the Chinese movie “The Promise”. I couldn’t come up with a suitable song besides KLS, so if anybody can share one I’ll swap it out. But the song has an ancient Hmong spirit to it.