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SHR Special Coverage – Hmong International Organization Filmmakers

SHR special coverage for the organization Hmong International filmmakers in Brooklyn, MN 17 April 2009.

My Lucky Star Hmong Dub 4.11

tsawg tiam los tseem hlub3.10

tsawg tiam los tseem hlub

korean music video allotment 1 (reloaded)

this me messin’ around and having fun back in the days, trying to be a korean pop star, 7 years ago. hate it or love it. my intentions are, there is none, but it still gives me a good laugh.

Rooj Tshoob Vim Hlub 7-1

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: For some reason, I can’t rip part 6 so I won’t be uploading it. We’re heading straight to part 7, the ending part. Rooj Tshoob Vim Hlub: Hmong dubbed by IV Star Entertainment. Original Thai title: Wiwa Salup Ruk Starring Willy McIntosh and Angie Hesting

Licas Los Tshuav Tau Koj P2-10/15

Welcome to YaNruabNtug Channel Tuam Txhab Txhais Lus ntawm: HA Entertainment ***Part 1-6end*** You are watching the Thai Lakorn 2009-2010 Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter aka Tomorrow, Ill still love you StarsL Aom Piyada and Pong Nawat At the beginning, Pong and Aom are lovers, they are about to get marry. Then tragedy strikes. Pongs older sister played by Pin Kejmanee murders Aoms older sister because she believes Aoms sister and her husband played by James Ruengsak are having an affair. Complicated stuff. Naturally, after the killing, Pong and Aom break up. Being me and having a strong relationship with my older brother, I dont think I can handle associating myself with family members of the person who murdered my brother, no matter how nice they are. It would be too emotionally draining. There is an intense/immense loyalty between two people who have grown up together, who have molded each other, who have fought and defended each other, and who are genetically linked. The sibling bond between my brother and I is very strong, his murder would be unforgivable. With that said, how will Aom and Pongs relationship ever work out? If I was Aoms character, I dont think I can do it. This lakorn will also have a gay love story between Oh Anuchit and Fluke Pachara Thammon aka Fluke: the Star 5. Interesting. Though both claim to be heterosexuals, both are believed to be gay by the Thai media. Oh Anuchit has admitted to having a girlfriend but still he cant shake off the gay rumors. As for

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson Karaoke adaptation Txia CHA HEU

I sang Billie Jean at the buffet for a long goodbye! OVATION All rights of Sony Music.

Nplooj PSR SIAB KOJ nyoba Ntawm 7.6

Hmong Dubb Kaew Lormar Petch & Son Cast Yook Songpaisarn View Wannarot, Aline-Siriporn, the sound of the Star

Rooj Tshoob Vim Hlub 5.5

Rooj Tshoob Vim Hlub: media Hmong Star Entertainment IV. Thai Original title: RUK Starring Willy McIntosh Salup Wiwa and Angie Hesting

HUSA Winter Formal 2009 Commercial 1

Come Join Us for HUSA’s 15th Annual Winter Formal Dance, ” Once In a Blue Moon.” On November 28th, 2009 From: 7pm-12am Located at: Eastern Star Temple 2719 K street Sacramento CA 95816 Buy your tickets now! Call (Judy Xiong) (916) 807-2045 or ME!( Peter Vang) (916) 833-5622 for your tickets! There is only 300 Presale tickets so make sure to buy them at: 1) Sacramento Cal Expo New Year 2) Gibson Ranch New Year 3) From HUSA members or The contact Persons mentioned above Come and Join us for a night of Fun, Dancing and Become apart of the memory! -Peter Vang