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SHR ET Interview (1 of 4)

SHR Entertainment

Hmong Radio 102.8 – Racist Interview

Middle East, interviewing a few races racist. Mexican, black, Chinese and Hmong-robot.

Hmong Wisconsin Festival 2006 (7 of 7)

Suab Hmong Radio

Suab Hmong Radio Special Coverage on Hmong Veteran Bill in Madison, Wisconsin

Richard Wanglue coverage Hmong Veteran Bill in Madison, Wisconsin

Interview with Lis Txais Thailand

Suab Hmong Radio

Chue Moua Suab exclusive interview Hmong Laos

Suab Hmong special coverage for 2010 the Conference on Hmong Studies at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN April 10 and January 11, 2010. Chue Moua interview, a moderator from Laos.

Suab Hmong Hnubci: A visited to Chiangmai Hmong Radio Program in Chiangmai, Thailand

Richard Wanhglue visited Chiangmai Hmong radio program in Chiangmai, Thailand and exclusive interviewed Nhia Neng on how the radio program and how its availability to Hmong around the world.l

Suab Hmong Radio Special Coverage Hmong Leader G. Vang Pao Speech Part 1 of 2

Richard Wanglue coverage Hmong Leader General Vang Pao speech at Lao-Hmong Festival in Wisconsin 2008

SW Arkansas Hmong New Year 2009-2010

Forgot their name. 😐 If you know, let me know. I’ll put it up. 🙂

Nkauj Hmoob Sam Neu

Oshkosh Labor Day Dance Compition!!4 4th Place Winners!!